Remedial massage to help you feel FAB

Our remedial massage therapist offers assessments, treatments and injury rehabilitation.

Glen Ingram is a remedial massage therapist with experience, knowledge, and excellent skills for all things pain relief and recuperation.

Whether you’re suffering from damage or injury to your muscles, tendons, ligaments or connective tissue, Glen will help relieve pain and improve your rehabilitation. 

Our remedial massage therapist’s services

Deep tissue massage


Myofascial massage

Joint mobilisation


Trigger point release

Sports massage


And a whole lot more..

Feel better. Feel like yourself.

Along with a calm, caring approach, Glen’s remedial massage will help you feel better and move more easily before you know it.

Vivo Barefoot shoes stockist

Designed to mimic the natural movement of the foot, this minimalist shoe looks like a regular shoe but offers unique features.

Wide Toe Box

Provides a stable foundation for natural, healthy movement.

Thin sole

Thin yet puncture-resistant, the sole maximises sensory feedback.


Allows your muscles, tendons and ligaments to load, splay and recoil to put a natural spring in your step.

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled, natural and bio-synthetic materials.

Your goals are our goals

Do you want to become fit? Lose weight? Get toned and shaped? Improve core strength? Rehabilitate? Prevent injuries? Need a body solution?

Our highly experienced and professional team are here to assist you with a realistic and healthy approach to all things health and fitness.